Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.

~ Goethe


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Our Process is A Journey

The Destination is Your Passionate Brand

Passion brands have a clear and powerful purpose. Their product or service is intricately tied to emotion – a sense of belonging, a belief, a cause and more. Their work gives meaning to our lives and invites us to engage with them through our minds and our hearts. Our first job as brand strategists is to uncover that passion. Sector Brands leverages a uniquely empowering and engaging inside-out branding Discovery process that helps organizations transform their passion, vision, mission and values into purposeful brand strategies, messages, tools and programs to achieve greater impact in the communities or markets they serve.

  • Internal Discovery: Using a blend of facilitation, group exercises, robust information gathering and review and interviews, we start by uncovering your unique organizational offerings, audiences, passions, purpose and history.
  • External Discovery: We then shift gears and look outside, taking a hard look at your competition, your target markets, industry trends and most importantly, how your marketplace sees themselves and you. Getting to the heart of the market’s self perceptions, emotional drivers and motivations to engage with you is critical to uncovering your most purposeful brand. Depending on the scope of the project, our external assessments can range from informal interviews or focus groups to larger scale, qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Closing the Gap: How you see yourself vs. how the outside world sees you is called the brand gap. It is also where your most powerful brand option resides. We’ll share our findings and insights from our internal and external assessment and demonstrate your most powerful brand options.
  • Crafting Your Purposeful Brand: Blending the robust cultural assessment of your organization’s mission, vision, values and offerings with our thorough and multi-faceted review of your unique industry sector, the communities you serve, your competition and the needs and drivers of your target audience, Sector Brands will craft an emotionally-compelling, genuine and purpose-driven brand strategy and communications platform that will align all organizational assets under one clear framework, attract and inspire advocates and ‘believers’ for your service, product or cause, and foster more meaningful brand connections, messages and experiences for the markets that you serve.
  • Brand Deliverables: From there, we integrate your unique brand and position strategy into a wide range of brand deliverables, depending on your specific needs. Sector Brands offers a full range of brand communication support Services to deliver your new brand strategy.