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Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

~ Erich Fromm


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Our Network of Value-Added Partners

If you’re only as good as the company you keep then we’re very fortunate to have a stellar network of talented partners to help us craft and bring our brands to life. From social media, public relations and fund raising specialists, to copywriters, art directors and designers, we carefully select our partners to match the distinct needs of our clients’ unique branding efforts.

Eric Elkins is a highly skilled writer, social media strategist and hands-on trainer, specializing in using online tools to enhance organizations’ presence and reputation, reinforce messaging and build the overall brand experience. Eric’s ability to cut through the social media maze and leverage tools like blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build clients’ success is greatly valued. As CEO of the social media agency, he uses his 10+ years of writing, marketing, ePR, social media, and education experience to make organizations more vibrant, relevant and engaging to their target audiences.

Hanna Design is the consummate boutique design agency--disciplined and strategic while always delivering fresh, inspired work.  Founded by Cindy Hanna in 1982, this sharp, seven-person firm has won international awards for its environmentally sensitive creative and is highly respected for its ability to handle complex design challenges.  Hanna’s ongoing commitment to developing the finest creative solutions available has made the firm a trusted source in brand identity development, communication strategy and website design

Kristi Fisher is a creative director and copywriter extraordinaire bringing more than 25 years of refreshing, award-winning and strategically-smart communications campaigns for a full range of for-profit, nonprofit and cause-related clients. Blending a powerful creative mind with a true heart for the consumer, Kristi’s work is well-known for its authentic, on-target and oftentimes humorous connection with the marketplace. Adept at concept development, writing, directing and producing creative campaigns for a full range of mediums, Kristi served as creative director for some of Denver’s leading ad agencies before starting Good Juju, a team of freelance creative gurus dedicated to communications for good causes.

Ray Merenstein is a 20-year marketing veteran who excels at advocacy, media, fundraising and board development. With extensive experience in the nonprofit, corporate and public affairs sectors, Ray’s talent for innovative, sharp, clear thinking enables him to turn strategy into action-oriented results.  He has served as a lead consultant for environmental, housing, health, education and youth organizations for capital campaigns, feasibility studies, annual fundraising, branding efforts, and marketing outreach.  Prior to forming his own firm, RDM Communications, he served as vice president for the $250 million capital and endowment campaign for The Children’s Hospital.

Michele Messenger is a strategically-savvy graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in helping organizations use the power design to more effectively tell their brand story. A master problem solver adept at graphic identity creation and collateral development, Michele uses her strong conceptual insights, communication skills and attention to detail to enable big ideas to fly—especially on limited budgets. Michele is owner of One L Design, an independent design studio in Denver.

Steve Parker is a seasoned creative strategist and copywriter who specializes in crystallizing complex brand and marketing strategy into creative, clear and compelling communication. Adept at virtually every medium, including print, radio, television and on-line, Steve is consistently creative, a quick study and able to bring a fresh perspective to every project. His disciplined approach and understanding of the marketing process makes him an asset in developing creative platforms for a wide range of industries, including education, healthcare, nonprofits and business. Steve is owner and creative director of Bulldog Creative, an independent writing and creative resource.

Spur | Brand Agency is driven by the belief that design without strategy is merely decoration. The agency was formed in 2002 by Marcel Venter, a passionate designer with 25 years of international and national design expertise in brand identity, web development and environmental graphic design.  One of the core strengths of Spur is the team’s ability to translate complex ideas into unique, powerful and compelling design solutions that reflect the ‘essence’ of every brand.